Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Where is Graphic Design?

As my "Collection 100" project is focusing on high-top trainers, a lot of these posts will include designs on shoes...

Interesting Book design - More examples of Paul Johnson's work

'Sailing' - "180-degree pop-up sailing boat inspired by medieval illumination".
'The Quest' - "Is the Princess happy or not? She's not quite sure, Castle with hinged door revealing a pop-up accordion - presented in a handmade interlocking paper case".
'Merman' - inspired by a lonely heart's advert stating "Kind and educated merman seeks mermaid for a lasting relationships, my friends say that I am handsome". It is hand-engineered and assembled and is presented in a paper cover.
'Heaven On Earth' - "A 90-degree pop-up book inspired by devotional prayer-books".
'Goldilocks and the three little pigs' - "A pop-up satyre on the Goldilocks story"
'The Book Chair" - "A small chair, constructed by unfolding a tab into a slot, holds on its seat a tiny book - A chair book"

Interesting Book Design - Paul Johnson

'So Let us Keep this Moment secret to ourselves only'
'Thank You Spirit of Light for the Gift Of Life'

These Two books have been made using several different fabric dyes on industrial watercolour paper and sewed together with hand-dyed cotton thread, each page cut out in a different way.
I find them incredibly aesthetically pleasing... I think this is the desired effect.

Interesting Book Design - 'The Medium is the Message'

The book is based on a quote from Marshal McLuhan... "The Medium is the message" and thiis a pretty straight-forward message. A book on gun crime, in the form of a pistol.
Simple, effective and incredibly clever and well-made.

Interesting Book Design - White Heat

As soon as Amber talked to us about interesting book designs, I immediately thought of one of the favourite christmas presents my grandmother gave me as a kid. I remember looking through the pages wondering what would come next.
There were pop-ups, masks to pull out and put together, different textures to feel and guess what they were, a mobile to build and points on which you scratch to uncover different smells... even a boardgame complete with a spinner and pieces. Even the cover is padded.

This is an interesting way of getting kids to interact and work in the shape of a diary... makes the learning process a lot more interesting and exciting. I remember reading it and re-reading it... careful not to spoil it in any way.

It was designed by 'White Heat' and I just found it on a design website, apparently other people appreciate what a good bit of simple design it is...

Monday, 21 December 2009

Interesting Book Design - Chip Kidd

Chip Kidd is a designer I've admired for a while now. He designs book covers... and this is his life's work, ironic that he should call it 'Book One'...
The pages of the book are twice the size of the cover, portraying that his life is far more than can be fit into a book of generic design.
The photograph which makes up the cover is simple, but works incredibly well, it's eye catching... making you look straight into another book.

Interesting Book Design - Paul Hekkert

This is Paul Hekkert's book which documents the story of his life throughout college.
The insides of each page are printed yellow with words on the inside, mirrored to create effect.
There are also pictures and prints on the edges of the pages, which are folded in half... leading on to the next part of the story as it goes.