Thursday, 25 March 2010

What is Graphic Design... Type... 'When the Rich Wage War, It's the Poor who Die'

What is Graphic Design... Image and Type... WWF advert 'Save or Don't Save'

What is Graphic Design... Image

What is Graphic Design... Image and Type... 'Entourage' - Brown Bag Films

Every time I see this opening sequence I think how brilliant it is. It is a programme about men, actors, who moved from Queen's in New York to Hollywood, generally having the time of their lives. The opening sequence shows this... The typography of the actors names replacing them on billboards, shops and cinemas shows their names in lights, like the Hollywood dream. Even little touches like the emphasis on the 'Queen's' number plate at the beginning, giving the viewer an idea of the story before it has even begun. It epitomises the entire ethos of the series in 30 seconds. Graphic design is about visual communication. This is a perfect example.

Sunday, 7 March 2010

What is a line... quotes

"A mark indication position, connection or boundaries"

Cycle lane
"cut here" line
Swimming Lanes

"A connected series of events, actions or developments"


Flip Books

"A formation of people, objects or things beside each other"
School Photo
Fairy Lights