Tuesday, 30 November 2010

DVNO - Justice - Music Video

I think I have already put this video on to this blog at the beginning of the first year, but this is the perfect time to put it up at the beginning of this module.
It is a video that uses type and moving image throughout.

Casino Royale - Opening credits

From the time this came in the cinema this opening scene has stuck in my head.
The use of type and imagery is inspirational. Putting into context the casino theme using the imagery from a deck of cards, adding guns and blood to really put the James Bond films theme in.

Silent Movie - 3 Words

SNAP - centre of the frame

EXTEND - spacial movement within the frame

ZOOM - a lot more space for movement within the frame

Monday, 22 November 2010

Paper to print... posters for the underground

I have been using the CBS Outdoor Advertising site to do a lot of research into how to go about printing posters to produce successful advertising campaigns on the underground.
Looking up previous campaigns and trying to associate them with my own.

For the escalator panels... you can only print 100 or more posters. And the following companies print both litho or screen onto approved fire retardant board.
For the 4 Sheets, there is a list of different places who will print your posters for you to the correct specifications. Again using litho print.

St. Andrew’s Way
E3 3PB

Contact details: 
Laurie Haldane or Simon Crabb
Tel: 020 7536 5222 
Fax: 020 7537 2182
Email: tubecard@amartin.co.uk
ISDN: 020 7537 9971

153-157 Blackhorse Lane 
E17 5QZ

Contact details:
Bill Moore 
Tel: 020 8498 4400 
Fax: 020 8498 4401 
Email: cbs@delta-display.com 
ISDN: 020 8531 6450

2 Swan Road 

Contact details: 
Claire Mitchell or Nigel Mogg
Tel: 020 8855 5535 
Fax: 020 8855 5367 
Email: cbs@smpgroup.co.uk 
ISDN: 020 8317 2194

For 6 Sheets, the CBS print them themselves, all you need to do is send a PDF of your specific file to the following address, and they go from there. They also use litho or screen print processes. 
CBS Outdoor -
Copy Approval 
Camden Wharf 
28 Jamestown Road 

For the 4 Sheets, there is a list of different places who will print your posters for you to the correct specifications. Again using litho print. 
All of these posters were printed on Blueback poster paper. It is now transitioning into CBS Outdoor Performance paper, designed by the CBS for more money-efficient printing. 

All of the size specifications and prices for these 3 separate poster scales are previously researched in this context blog.
If I were to print myself, I would use litho print, however this would be impossible for the task at hand as you would need to print in bulk (100 or more) so I am just going to print on the nearest stock available to this as a mock-up for this module.

Putting my posters into context... The London Underground.

These are the photos I have chosen to put my posters into context... I am going to photoshop my images onto these.
I have chosen a range of 4 Sheets, 6 Sheets and escalator panels as previously researched.
Escalator panels

4 Sheets

Backlit 6 Sheet
6 Sheet

I want to work out how to successfully use photoshop to really show what I am trying to portray... including using backlighting effects. 

Stair, Corridor, Lift and Escalator advertising on the London Underground...

After looking at pricing, printing and all the specifications, I've realised this is the most economical way of advertising on the tube.
It is also the most repetitive... when you are bored on the escalator, they are the only thing you see. Repeated endlessly.
These are a few examples...

Sunday, 21 November 2010

Stair, corridor, lift and escalator panelling specifications.

Places to get stair, lift, corridor and escalator posters printed... approved by CBS

Stair, corridor, lift and escalator pannelling

The most effective way of advertising on the underground... the repetition really gets the picture across.

Places to get 4 Sheets printed... approved by the CBS

4 Sheets

4 sheets paper

This really helps with my research and my print processes... it tells me exactly what paper I would use if I were to print these up.

4 Sheets Specifications

6 Sheet specifications...

Advertising on the underground... rates.

These are the rates to advertise on the London tube...

London Underground advertising... 6 sheets

After looking into the different places to advertise on the underground... I have chosen specific formats of poster that I want to use.
Firstly... 6 Sheets.

Underground advertisement. Context.

This is an image I found whilst looking at another blog of mine. It seems to put my project right into context. It shows that most of the adverts on the underground are depicting things which would be expensive... and for people using public transport, this seems reasonably ironic.
I liked this image as it was unusual, and seemed to fit perfectly.
I am not trying to sell anything... in fact what I am promoting is totally free. Comes from within...

Putting the posters into context...

Following a seminar we had with Fred, I decided to try and illustrate as simply as I possibly can how my posters will appear in real life... in a tube station. I want to show this both photographically, using photoshop to super-impose my images onto existing advertising campaigns, and using illustrator to simplify the image to really put it into context...
This is where I am at so far...

I chose these two images straight off because I want to put them into different parts of the tube stations and these two seemed a good place to start...
Look at my design practice blog to see the illustrator versions of these images...

Saturday, 20 November 2010

Further logo research...

Whilst on my quest to design a logo, I expressed my difficulties to a friend of mine and he showed me a brilliant logo website.
These are a few that have really inspired me.

Friday, 19 November 2010

Tube Advertisement

I have been looking into the different places and sizes that are standard to advertising on the underground in London. Also how you would actually go about getting your adverts down there.
www.transportmedia.co.uk has helped a lot with this research.
These are the different formats of posters/moving image adverts which are available on the tube...