Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Collaboration - Crosses

So for my collaboration with Steven Elmes and Jonathan Fee (Digital Games and Animation) I have been asked to design firstly some picket signs for a protest that they are staging in the film '2012' that they are producing. 
They have asked specifically for religious slogans surrounding the apocalypse... for example "the end is nigh" and "christ cannot save you now". They have also asked me to create a contemporary crucifix, his words were "down with the kids rather than typically Protestant or Catholic".

I have looked into different imagery that I could use, my first thoughts were simple cross images, that seem to crop up a lot recently in fashion. It seems that Religion is becoming fashionable...

I have also started to look into the "hipster" trend of the triangle symbol. It appears to be "cool" to have triangle motifs on everything you own these days. 

A few examples... 

It seems that a combination of the two will be an appropriate resolution for this part of the brief. I will try out a range of different combinations and pitch all of them to Steve and Jon and see which they prefer at the end. 

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Alpine Soundtrack - T-shirt design ideas

These are a couple of ideas for how to position my headphones design on a t-shirt. I could have the headphones hanging around the neck with the alpine designs running down the t-shirt. This is definitely an idea that I will try out, it may not work, but if it works out the way that I think it will, it will work well. 

Thriller headphones

This is a clever idea. If I were to take my Alpine Soundtrack brief into 3D this would be something that I would be interested in working like. I could re-create this in an alpine theme. Just a fun little idea I thought.

Headphones design

These are a couple of designs which are using the same idea. I was looking for images of headphones leaking out other images to go with my idea for the Alpine Soundtrack T-shirt. 
These have worked, especially the second one, as it does look like the green paint is being sprayed out of  the headphones, which is the effect that I want to get, but with a lot more detail in the images, rather than just sprays.

Headphone Children

This is the front cover of a Japanese hard-rock band album. The form of it, and the fact that it is made up of so many different images is what drew me to it. 
It almost looks like a robot, yet is made up of both organic and mechanic forms. 
This could be brought into my Alpine Soundtrack work... or for that matter the Forum posters.

SkiFest design

This is a design for 'Ski Fest' and it is a style that I really admire. I had one of those "I wish I had designed that" moments. 
It is simple, drawing from the alpine theme and putting together a melange of different imagery drawn from the same theme. 
I am going to keep this in mind when I design my products for this brief.

Alpine Soundtrack - Typography poster

Whilst researching different ways of representing mountains, I came across this, which really interested me. I am mainly image based, but this piece of type work really appealed to me. 
The colours also work and are appropriate. Simple blue and white, to represent the alpine feel, and a small dash of red for the swiss flag. 

Alpine Soundtrack - Supremebeing website.

This is the home page for the Supremebeing website with some of their work for the  'Alpine Soundtrack' theme. 
I like the way they have done it, it is in a style that I would like to use in this project. Collage and photoshop work to combine the words 'alpine' and 'soundtrack' to create an appropriate resolution.

This is the original image from the brand.

Alpine Soundtrack - Photographs

These are some photographs which I think I could use in this brief as parts of my collages. 

Each are different aspects and angles of mountains, snow and trees from the alps.

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Star Wars - Previous Box set packaging

These are some previous packaging examples for Star Wars box sets. 

These are the new edition of the Star Wars Blu Ray box set that I am aiming to re-package.

I feel that, as the films have changed so much since the start in the 70's, being re-mastered and having scenes added, that this packaging needs to be made more contemporary. This is what I am aiming to do.